Monday, March 18, 2013

Fun visit and St. Patrick's Day

I just like this picture. It is a huge smile with a little Bonanza Freeze ice cream still on her lip and some Mulan buns in her hair. She's awfully cute!
Aunt Diane and Uncle Art came for an overnight visit with Josh and Luke. Our kids don't see them very often, and they had a blast! We tried to have some fun at C Street Park, but it was soggy and full of goose poop. How's that for appealing? They still had fun though!
This one is out of order, but it kills me. He wanted a ponytail like his sister. This lasted about 15 minutes!
Watch out for the goose poop! Carter brought a sword with him of course.
We had a really fun dinner at Silver Bow with Nancy, Frank, Nicole, Connor, Austin, Terr, Abb, and Jord joining us. As you can see, they crammed together quite nicely in the race car.
Now Josh, Luke, and Carter's turn.
Some carousel pictures. These two always lean out for high fives.
Carousel pictures are tough - too many lights, mirrors, and poles to obstruct faces!
Earlier in the day, they nicely built some Lego stuff. They were funny together.
Now for Luke and Teague. They were making monster faces I believe.
Now for Luke and Avery (who are two weeks apart in age).
This is such a cute picture. Aunt Diane, Teague and his monster face, and Grandma. He loves them.
The next day we went swimming at the Y after Carter and Lando were done with school. I wanted to take some pictures, but it was a bit crazy with me and Diane watching 6 kids in the water! So here is a blue eyed boy getting ready to get dressed.
We had to get one of all 6 together. This was the first and only one I took. It was perfect! They had so much fun together. We'll have to do it again soon!
On Saturday, we went to the mall to see the Edmonton Bagpipers. It was really good. We let the kids sneak up to get a better look. Landon and Avery listenened and clapped politely. Carter attempted to breakdance.
Teague slept through the whole thing. My back started hurting with him after a half an hour so Poppa took over.
There they are. There was quite a crowd in the mall to watch this year!
Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! It was Mom's 55th birthday! We went uptown, where it was freezing, and sat at the KC for awhile. It was lots of fun!
Dad made green chocolate chip pancakes and green eggs and ham. Yum!
We attempted to watch the parade, but the Arctic chill in the wind got to most of us. Terri, Nancy, Erica, the two Kyles, and I went and secured an awesome table at the KC. We were off to the side of the food, and it was perfect.
The two Kyles trying to look serious. My brother looks like he's going for a Zoolander face.
Erica and I in our St. Patrick's Day finery. Mom has so much stuff to choose from thank goodness.
Nancy and Frank - Nancy's hat was a favorite. She didn't appreciate how tan Frank looked in this picture.
Wearing Grandpa Winks' old hat, Mom's "Elton John" glasses, and Nancy's feather boa. It's quite a look.
The KC is always so packed. It was warm, and we saw lots of friends. A good time was had by all. A special "thank you" goes out to Abb and Jord for watching the kids. You guys are the best!
We came home to have delicious corned beef and get entertained by Teagie. He tells a fine story!
Happy Birthday Mom! Terri found her a very festive and tasty cake!
Lastly, a typical Monday at my house. Lunch time with Teague and Ave at the picnic table. They are so good (usually)!


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