Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

My poor little Teague has had an icky wet cough for days, but the Doctor thinks it's just a virus. He still wants to play and get out of the house. We went up to Koprivica Park the other day. It's not in the best neighborhood, but it has a lot of cute stuff and we were the only ones there. These little motorcycles really bounce. They both enjoyed them!
This old fashioned fire truck thing was fun too. Teague calls it a tractor and kept yelling "all aboard"! Ave wore a dress too. It was gorgeous last week! We made the most of it while we could.
Auntie Terri bought the kids a bunch of little water squirters. They had so much fun with them! So did Kyle, he loves a good water fight. Teague loved squirting his Dad. Carter had an innate ability to always get him right in the face too!
This boy also loves to make mud with the water squirters. He uses an old flower pot that still has some dirt in it from last year. You'll see more later!
My Carterman was so happy to be wearing shorts and a hat to school. He always wears a sweatshirt in the morning, but all last week was shorts weather!
Another day of fun with the water squirters!
If we do bathtime at Papa and Grandma's house, they always cuddle with Grandma when they get out. She wraps them up in a blanket while I get pajamas, Q-tips, lotion, and combs ready.
I know a haircut needs to happen. It's insane...especially when he rubs his head all over the couch.
We had to get the sprinkler out. The grass was getting a bit dry. Carter was ready to jump over it!
Some strange fella dropped a piece of cereal in his belly button. It made me laugh!
She is very silly. She just stood under the sprinkler like this for quite awhile!
And here is more promised! This concoction was called "spaghetti sauce in a dog bowl" according to Teague.
Time to sit down and get some more dishes involved.
Avery took this lovely picture. She was proud (and why wouldn't she be?) and told me to make sure it was on the blog. 
More mud!
On Saturday, we brought Carter and Landon up to Koprivica Park with us so they could check it out. This teeter-totter is a lot of fun!
Landon is amazingly strong. He can do these monkey bars like a champ.
This is out of order. Oh well. This was later that day. Teague saw all the other kids doing some painting, so he got involved too. He enjoyed mixing the paints together for sure.
Also out of order...Happy Mother's Day to all my wonderful family and friends! These 3 always make my day!
Oops. Here are the last two from the park. This is one sturdy teeter-totter! We all had a fun time teetering and tottering on it!
We saw a bunch of ladybugs up there. They were all quite inrigued by them. Carter loves to let them crawl on him - he is going to be an animal scientist you know. As you can see, Teague was amazed! He usually tried to steal the bugs, and they would fly away. He did have one crawl on him for a second and was so happy about it!

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