Sunday, May 5, 2013

Lots of fun and a little spring!

What can we say? We love having Dairy Queen open. We are definitely doing our part to make them a success!
Carter had some groovy hair. You'd think when it's that short, it wouldn't get so crazy. Not true though.
Teague wanted to be like Avery on the way to daycare one day. They both brushed their teeth, then when Ave wanted a ponytail...
So did Teague! I know it's time to cut his hair. He'll just look such a big boy when it happens :(
I think it his 60 degrees last week, so the boys automatically thought "waterfight"! I made them wear T-shirts at least!
I don't know what was really happening here...but it made me laugh. Good old mitt head and cubby head are buddies.
Time to go for a walk on the trail. Or in Carter's a bum as long as possible. He did eventually do quite a bit of running, but this is how we started out.
There we go. Push that empty stroller buddy!
Teague is a maniac! I swear he ran at least a mile that night, and tried to go in the creek about four or five times.
The other three were fishing with giant branches that they found around their tree.
We walked all the way down to the duck pond. A good 2.5 miles for those little legs. Carter and Landon must have been making serious faces. Teague just wanted to run over to the ducks.
Erica on Landon's made me laugh!
There is always time for a hug on a walk. My Carterman loves his brother.
Dana came into town for the weekend. The kids had an awesome time together. Ave had so much fun with Madelyn and Jada. They had a ton of fun with Abbey and Jordan's old costumes. The boys went superhero. Teague was napping, and Kolt was sticking close to his Mom.
There's Kolt. He is quite the funny little guy. He was dancing with the girls, and it was so cute!
I told them to do their favorite poses!
On Sunday, we went Reece's 5th Birthday party. She had so much fun at Carter's that she had hers at the Jumparoo too. My kids always have fun there!
Teague was a maniac! All the parents had a good time watching him bounce all over the place.
Back up the stairs again!
Another waterfight was in order when we got back to Grandma's house. Papa started it, Kyle joined in, and Carter and Landon were soaked!
Dana stopped by again. We had some enchiladas in celebration of Cinco de Mayo! Then the kids went outside and made mud pies.
Teague found a "shield" and Carter and Landon did their best to squirt it. Teague was drenched of course!
Jordo gave the girls some water for their mud pies...needless to say - it's bath time now! Hope everyone else had a lovely week!

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