Sunday, May 26, 2013

Lots of pictures - Fun at the museum

The good thing about bath pictures is that they are always happy in the bath! This is Teague's new smile'll see it a few times in this large post.
Carter did a great job helping with Grandma's stew. He mostly stirred it and said it smelled like garlic (which it did not). It always makes them eat more if they think they helped cook though...and he definitely enjoyed the stew!
My two little helpers got the swiffers out while I was sweeping the floor. They were right behind me "helping" all the time!
These capes are so funny. They were them a lot! "Super Landon" is quite the batter. You really better watch out when he's up!
Teague loves his too.
Notice how everyone is kind of bundled up...and then there is my Ave. She wants it to be summer so badly!
This guy is so cute. I love all his odd sleep positions he gets into in his dino bed.
Abb and Jord had their company show on Thursday. It was amazing! There were a lot of dances I hadn't seen (like their small groups and trios and this Spider one), and I loved them all. It was lots of fun to have Callie come over too. She did help Abb with backflips constantly when we were in college so she's always happy to see those. We had some Pork Chop Johns and had a great time visiting.
Erica and Sean brought all the kids the cutest stuffed animals from the Shark Reef down in Vegas. Carter and Landon got awesome sharks. Teague and Ave got a crab and turtle that have little tiny babies with them. They are pretty cool. Teague's crab apparently needed a bandaid on one eye. They were being animal doctors.
Ave took this picture. Teague loves to "sneak" up behind me and scare me!
Teague took this picture. Notice the bowl of play food from their kitchen that is out for the turtle and crab to eat from!
Time to do a little excavating.
They work pretty well together. Ave was digging while Carter brushed off the debris. They were very excited to get a leg bone out!
Carter and Landon were invited to a birthday party at Clark's Park on Saturday for their friend Cooper. They had a blast playing wiffle ball with a bunch of other kids.
Erica and I were a little nervous since they don't even know which way to run (next year for sure we'll do tee-ball), but they were great. They hit the ball and followed everyone else's lead.
Chef Teagie! That's what he calls himself when he wears this. He likes to toast chicken nuggets - mmm.
On Sunday we decided it was time to go to the Museum of the Rockies. We haven't been there in quite awhile, and they have a new exhibit all about space. Dinosaurs and Space are two things all my kids think are pretty cool. Always have to have a picture by Big Mike!
Teague and his peanut butter sandwich by one of Big Mike's massive claws.
Carter is the same size as Big Mike's "femur".
Ave was close too! We had to waste some time while Teague finished his sandwich. He fell asleep on the way there and woke up hungry. We knew that we would get there right around lunchtime so we came prepared!
There is that sandwich again! Ave and Carter's smiles are so cute too!
A tire from a lunar rover - that's awesome! Carter recognized the rover from his Cat n the Hat book that is all about Space.
They had a model of the inside of a space shuttle. This was the eating area with the freeze-dried foods all labeled nicely. The pictures are blurry because I couldn't use a flash. It was really neat though.
Carter and Teague were on the other side analyzing some soil samples.
Here is one of the sleeping pods. The other one was right above it. It was cool how Astronaut Walker had a bunch of pictures up of his family.
We got to touch a meteorite from both the Moon and Mars! Carter even went back down to control the Mars lunar rover again. There were a lot of cool things to do. Avery liked dancing in front of the infrared sensor, and Teague enjoyed checking how much he weighed on the scales for the moon, Mars, and Earth.
This T-Rex tried to eat Carter's head!
Teague still probably loved the playroom the best.
Their little hand puppets were eating puzzle pieces.
The Yellowstone exhibit never gets old. There is just something wonderful about catching magnetic fish!
Chef Teagie had a giant kitchen to work with - he was in heaven!
Looking good Construction Worker Carter!
We also went to the dinosaur park, then Old Chicago (where we oddly ran into Uncle Kyle), and Target for a toy. It was a fun little mini vacation, and it wore these little monkey out! I love how they are all leaning the same direction.

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