Sunday, May 19, 2013

My Dancing Girl!

Ave had been waiting for this week to come for awhile now! We went to the Mother Lode Theatre on Monday for her dress rehearsal. She got changed and came out to find her buddy Abbey there. She was so excited to watch all of Abb and Jord's dances too. They both look so cute here.
I'm pretty sure Ave was the youngest in her class. Everyone else was 5, but we switched to Mondays so she could be with Reece. They are good buddies!
Later we went up to open gym where she showed off more dance moves. She slept very well that night! We had to be there on time since Poppa was in Helena for Youth Legislature.
I bought her this beautiful summer dress when I was shopping for Reece's birthday present. I couldn't help myself, it was yellow and gorgeous. She got many compliments on it from her daycare friends and teachers. There is a whole lot of Ave in the post. We had a busy week together.
This little guy looks so cute in if I could only get him to smile. He justs makes this "monster face" at me as he says. I hope he enjoyed the shorts. We've had four rainy days in a row. I don't mind because everything is looking very green.
He's been trying on underwear off and on. Then he usually pees in them. He wants to be potty trained, but he's not even close to ready. He sure looks cute in Superman underwear though!
Carter wanted to take a picture of his buddy Winks. This is my Mom's stuffed animal - her Dad was called Winks too. Carter has had him for awhile now, he takes great care of him. The boy loves animals.
It's dance night! These two were waiting backstage very patiently together. That recital runs like a well-oiled machine. There are Moms and older dancers who are always backstage with them, entertaining them, getting them lined up. I was worried about my 4 year old being backstage for an hour without me, but she had a blast.
Abbey and Jordan are amazing. I wish I could post a video of one of their dances. They are so good! Avery cheered for them all through the second half when she was on my lap. We had me, Kyle, Grandma, Terri, Erica, and Nicole there to support them. Kyle was superproud of his little girl. She was so cute and tiny on stage!
She had quite a few presents from her admirers. Terri, Grandma, Auntie Erica, and us all gave her some flowers and little presents too. Callie sent some gorgeous yellow lillies and roses from Butte Floral too! She was thrilled (and she's lucky she has such a wonderful family)! They are still looking good too!
Kyle and I had a movie day on Saturday. We took the kids to a playground and wore them out. My Mom offered to watch them while Teague napped so we could go see Star Trek. It was so good! Then we went to the Drive-In later for Iron Man 3, which was also great! Ave and Teague fell asleep. Carterman (in his Iron Patriot mask) loved it! He sat with Grandma and talked about making his own armor on the way back to Butte.
Lastly, these two goofballs love to play Lego Batman. I wish they would take a break sometimes, but they are so funny when they play. It is constant talking and strategizing! Lando is with Mom and Dad (and us) while Erica and Sean go to Vegas for a few days. Sean came back this weekend to walk at Tech's graduation. I'm sure they'll have a great time!

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