Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

Hopefully everyone is enjoying a lovely Father's Day! It was gorgeous here today! Sad to say, I have no pictures of Kyle and the kids on my camera. It died this afternoon. I did put one from my IPod on Facebook though, and the kids were very sweet to him today. Also, here is a picture from our Fairmont trip. Landon wanted to go one more time before he moves away. We had a blast!
This little thrill seeker was a maniac on the water slides. She went down with Kyle usually and made him lay down so they could go faster!
Teague also loved the water slide. He was a little nervous the first time, then he was crazy! He talked the whole time, "it's a waterfall, we going fast!".
Jordan met us out there in between driver's ed and dance. She just loves these kids, and they were excited to see her at the bottom of the slide.
It started to pour which was okay. We had already gone down the slide a good 15 times, so they were ready for a nap. Here they are waiting for Erica and Landon to come out.
He's been bringing his Iron Man masks everywhere with him lately. He wore this while he watched an Avengers cartoon on the way back from Fairmont.
Poor tired Teagie passed out on Grandma while she was reading to him. Check out his bruised and scraped leg - he tends to run and jump everywhere.
We went up to the library on Thursday for an ice cream social. They are starting their summer reading program again like they had when I was younger. I loved them. We had a lot of fun up there. Teague loves the little ship full of pillows.
We checked out 3 library books - one about animal babies, one about coral reefs, and one about whales. They are quite good.
On Saturday we made a little trek down to Bozeman for Josh's 7th birthday party. We lost the invitation so we were an embarrassing hour late...however they did all play together for the next 4 hours. It was beautiful too, and Kathi and Mike have a very fun backyard. I missed Lando here. I think he was playing catch with Mike.
Josh and Luke informed me they don't take pictures, so I had to steal one. They are such nice boys and were so good about sharing their toys for the afternoon.
Teague found a pile of sticks so he was set for toys. He made Gandalf staffs, Eowyn horses, and Hawkeye (or Legolas) bow and arrows. He even made some for Art.
Kathi had some party favors for the kids with blue crystals in them. Teague tried to see if it was edible...nope!
My kids loved their new kitty Champ. She was so nice too. She let them pet her and hold her and just purred the whole time.
Lastly, Ave took this picture last night. It's a better smile than I usually get! Hope everyone had a lovely day!

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