Sunday, June 23, 2013

I've lost my mind!

I can't believe what I just did. I uploaded a few pictures on Wednesday...luckily. I just turned on my camera and deleted all the other pictures on it (thinking I had already uploaded them). Wow! I'm sad. There were only a few of them playing at Hillcrest playground and one from the movies today but still. The movie one was cute. It was outside the theatre by the Monsters University poster. We went today(Me, Kyle, Carter, Avery, Teague, Terri, Abbey, and Jordan). It was a cute show, and Teague slept through all but 15 minutes of it. Good thing I have a few from earlier in the week - enjoy all these pictures from 2 days!

They are so funny when they play with this beach ball sprinkler. Carter would have Landon flip it on it's side and then yell for Avery to get into "bottom formation". This apparently meant she had to cover the bottom sprinklers. Then he would "extricate some poison for his experiments". That doesn't sound good! Erica told him she thought only the Joker did that. Carter said his experiments were good though.
Landon taught Avery how to draw a star. We had many beautiful stars all over the sidewalk.
Teague always looks like he's really paying attention to what they are doing. He'll be a great student!
Pretty sure she was playing the guitar here. She just looks like she's having a really good time!
Muscle boy - this guy has gotten solid! He's losing teeth, and I can barely lift him...he's growing up! I don't think I like it...
Another muscle boy! This one is still very easy to swing around though. He's just hilarious. He told me the other day while he was scribbling all over some paper, "I got good jokes and bad jokes and I'm learning". He's my little clown.
I have pictures of me, Abb, and Jord in the front lawn doing this pose. It's a tradition! Teague refused to put down his "carousel fork" aka trident.
One more. Teague is there somewhere. He's not the most cooperative smiler.
This one is so cute. All the boys! Now we just need to get Lincoln in there. It makes me sad though too. I miss Lando.
They are all getting very good at sticking their faces in the water. I've got to get them back in swimming lessons for sure.
Erica brought her bed over. It now has a nice home in the purple room at Mom and Dad's house. Teague and Ave are especially loving it - these are some great smiles!
Teague wanted to lay just like Uncle Kyle. He kept looking over at him like, "Is this right?".
Lastly, we had to say goodbye that night. It was terrible, and I don't even like thinking about it. We are so happy for Erica, Landon, and Sean, but we are also selfish and wish they were here. We did some Facetime tonight. Their apartment looks great, but Carter just kept asking when we could visit. He kept saying, "Hey Cousin!" which always makes me laugh. They will all be thrilled to see eachother around the 4th of July. So...this was a weird little blog night. Hope everyone has more of a brain than me!

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