Sunday, June 30, 2013

It's Hot! I love it!

Here we go. I didn't delete any pictures this week! Yay! Summer really wears this guy out. Also, he's kind of a beast right now. He's definitely hit the terrible two's. He just argues and screams - he's so cute though luckily.
A typical night at our house when Kyle isn't working. Teague really wanted Kyle to wear his old football helmet. Why? We don't know, but he did.
And he's naked and carrying Avery's Cinderella bucket. He has a lovely build doesn't he? The nice thing was he didn't pee on the bed!
The Heisman pose - I told him it would be like the cop and the donut picture. He had to do it.
This is probably Teague's favorite spot to nap. Papa just is very relaxing to the Teagie-Pie.
We went to the wading pool up at the hospital two days in a row! I never used to be able to take them because it's only open M-F, which makes no sense to me. They loved it.
Carter and Ave loved to go under the mushroom. Teague is still a bit wary.
She's such a goofball. She makes me laugh all the time.
Speaking of goofballs, check out this guy. This is how he ran through the sprinkler at Papa's house, and he had his garbage can shield. Even Papa told him he was weird, and that's really saying something.
The next day we packed a picnic for the wading pool, and Terri met us up there.
Teague kept squeezing Carter's cheeks and talking nonsense to him. It was making us laugh.
Then he squeezed them too hard. Poor Carter. Teague is lucky he's so nice. A hug made it all better.
He has been loving the Wild Kratts show on PBS. He watches it with Carter. He was pressing his belly button to activate his creature power suit and turn into a hippo.
Carl and Jenny were in for their summer visit. The spent 3 days in Glacier with Mom and Dad. Then when they got here, Dad introduced them to the Headframe Distillery. We all enjoyed sampling different drinks!
They are just happy kids. Last night we took turns picking activities. Teague's was "store". The carts are always the Tonka ride-on and the Princess ride-on.
This morning, it was just me and Teague. Everyone else was sleeping and he was being so funny and lovey.
We made it to the Splash Pad today. That's Carter and Teague behind the bucket. I cleaned my camera lens after this. Someone's grubby fingers were all over it.
This is that someone. He loves to take pictures with my camera!
Carter is in the middle there with his hands on his head. He's getting so brave! His friend Sebastian was there today too. They had fun!
Avery and her friend Ashlyn from dance class found eachother too. They were under the bucket getting soaked! Everytime she wanted to dry off she just laid on the sidewalk. Teague decided to join her!

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