Sunday, June 9, 2013

June is wonderful!

These two are loving being at home. They can sleep in, we read books, we play games, and we usually go to a park. This next week the splash pad and wading pool at the hospital should be open. They will love that! We have a good time.
Avers helped me make a little vegetable garden on the side of our house this year. Hopefully it works okay! We have eggplant, squash, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, lettuce, kale, and even a watermelon. We also did some dusty millers, petunias, and marigolds in the little border squares. She loves to help me!
Carter Robert Barsness heading out to his last day of kindergarten. That went way too fast! He and Lando had a great day - there were hotdogs and a jumpy castle at the school. He had a wonderful report card, and his teacher told me how much she'll miss him and his stories about animals and superheroes.
They had face painting too! We took them for a little Dairy Queen treat after school of course.
This hot weather wears a little 2 year old out. I love this falling asleep position.
We planted a million things at Papa and Grandma's house in Grandma Vivian's rock garden. Carter is a big fan of watering. We also did an herb garden and our usual petunia and pansy sections. Grandma and I love flowers!
Imaginext toys are always so much fun. The T-Rex is eating a Velociraptor (just like at the end of Jurassic Park)!
This is Teague riding his "Eowyn horse" - that is from Lord of the Rings. He's been very into that lately. He told me yesterday that Grandma was his best friend Sam (he was Frodo). He kills me! He's making Terri play with him right now. They are battling Balrogs and Orcs.
This makes me so happy. Last year all our lilacs froze, and it was sad. It smells delicious!
We went to McGruff Park on Friday. These little monkey bars were only about 4 feet off the ground, so she wasn't nervous. She went right across them!
They have a big wooden fort there. They were protecting it from me while I tried to sneak on. They look pretty intimidating right?
Carterman finally lost his first tooth! He was so excited. He planned on seeing the Tooth Fairy that night (because he's nocturnal), but he accidentally fell asleep!
We had so much fun today outside. Grandma bought a beach ball sprinkler, and it was a huge hit!
There is Ave and Lando running through it. Ave was a little maniac.
Landon got some cool Hulk hands from Grandma. Papa used them to model The Thinker.
Teague loved them - he is a huge fan of Hulk.
Carter had fun with his garbage can shield.
Summer is fantastic. I could sit out there all day and just watch these guys play.
Teague was pretty sure no one could see him under this chair!
Teague didn't really like the water hitting him right in the face, so I ran through with him. It felt marvelous, and he loved it!
Grandma got his happy dimple smile on camera after we "made it" though!
Finally, another wonderful part of summer - corn on the cob from the barbecue. Yum! Teague kept saying it was so silly, then he stole it from me and ate the whole thing.
His corn eating face is a little frightening! He really goes in for the kill. Ave of course is posing in the background.

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