Sunday, June 2, 2013

Not a lot, but cute

They thought they were pretty cool having a sleepover at Papa's on a Sunday night. Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day. Ours was very relaxed.
Two tired guys. I tried to move Teague over to the couch, and he said, "Put me down!". Then he ran back over to Papa.
Erica found some old pictures when she was cleaning out her house. Teague was extremely disturbed that Carter once wore "his jacket". He was lecturing Carter about it for some time. It was hilarious!
This is a soccer "huddle". This was on Friday after their field trip. They got to go to Anaconda on a bus (maybe their favorite part!). They watched The Croods in 3D (they both said the movie came at them), and then they got to have a picnic at Washoe Park. Carter picked out his Puma outfit specifically for the trip. It's his favorite.
This is definitely my daughter! I usually fall asleep with a book in my hand. She outdid me though. She's got at least 4 there.
We went up to Copper Mountain for a picnic on Saturday. It was beautiful weather. This boy thinks he's big and won't let anyone help him. He also called this little playhouse the post office and kept asking all of us if we want some mail. 
My Carterman in his other Puma jacket.
Oh Ave - this girl knows how to pose!
Teague was too busy looking at this crazy kid yelling at everyone to look at me.
Lando is quite a great climber. He made it up to the top right away!
I love this Teagie swinging face. He kept yelling, "You see me Avery?" as loud as he could. Apparently he wanted to show off for her.
All 3 of my monkeys. They had a good time up there. It's a park we don't get to very often.
Sleepover at Papa's. The boys were in the purple room.
Teague really wanted to stay. I don't think he's old enough yet, so I stayed too. It probably helped Kyle get some rest when he came home from graveyard shift to a quiet house! This is how they started out...
This is how they ended up!
This one too. It was so cute!


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