Monday, September 23, 2013

Just a fun, busy week!

A typical practice at Butte High with my kids and Geah's kids - we don't get a lot done!
This was at Carter's Open House at Emerson - they had a nice beach background to take some pictures by. His teacher seems super nice, and Carter loved showing us around.
Then we had to play on the playground for awhile of course.
This little man loves to climb this little ladder.
They really like the sunroof in my car. We don't use it often, but they climbed out of it last week.
We had some chocolate cupcakes leftover from Kyle's birthday. Teague loves to make a nice big frosting mess!
Poor Teague had a little nap during our game on Saturday. He slept in the bleachers for a good two hours, guess he's used to noise!
He did wake up when we got to Mackenzie River though. He wanted Avery to look at him while he talked to her!
Then he gave her a kiss! This picture is so cute!
Carter wore his police uniform to the game. He also wants to wear it again for Halloween! He's a funny kid.
They all love these Octonauts toys. It's one of the few things they can all play together! I just noticed Kyle's face in the background too - ha ha!
We had our first frost here last week. I got all the green tomatoes out of the garden and made fried green tomatoes. They were delicious, especially dipped in horseradish cream sauce! Yum!
Lastly, Dad talked Kyle into helping coach Powderpuff football with him. These three went to the game at East (which they won 50-6) while I played racquetball. We busted out the hats and coats just in case, but it was a nice night!

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