Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Brisk Week

These are going to be some short captions again. Our Sunday nights always tend to be hectic! I put one of these photos on Facebook. He ran around at volleyball practice and then again at a girls' powderpuff football game. It wore the poor fella out!
The next night he fell asleep like this. The poor kid doesn't know when to stop!
Ave really wanted to decorate for Halloween, so we did. This is her favorite decoration - our spooky tree. They are very excited already!
We have had a very chilly week. First we had a lot of rain - notice Ave's rain boots.
And the next morning...snow. Boo! I don't mind snow, but not in September! My garden looked pathetically sad, but Carter looks super happy!
It was super wet snow too. Carter played outside for a bit, but his gloves were soaked through pretty quickly.
Teague just liked to check out his boot marks in the snow. good thing about cold weather is hot cocoa. Carter gives it a thumbs up! Teague obviously makes a giant mess with it!
Ave stomped around a bit after preschool too. She refused to wear a winter coat, and I can't win an argument with there you go.
It warmed up a little on Friday luckily. These two got to come up to the pep assembly and be in the Homecoming Parade! They loved every minute of it, and the girls on the team love them!
We turned off all the lights in our house, turned on our tree, our skeleton lights, and our mummy lights, and they ran around the house like crazy people for a bit! Ave's eyes are nuts!
Sunday morning coloring - they all did some very nice dinosaur pictures.
Then we went to Connor and Austin's birthday party at Silver Bow. They had some cool cakes: Despicable Me 2 and Angry Birds. They were both so polite and loved all their presents.
Abb and Jord always take nice pictures!
The birthday party wore them out! Ave fell asleep listening to the Ipod again, and Laney kept Teague warm by cuddling up to her. Hope everyone enjoyed their week (and that it wasn't as chilly as ours)!

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