Monday, September 2, 2013

Tomorrow is Carter's 1st day of 1st grade!

Not too many pictures again, but there are still some cute ones. They've been very into cooking again lately. They borrow my stainless steel bowls and stir their play food around loudly. They also make smoothies and salads. It's nice there is still something they can all play together. Chef Carter here was really enjoying himself!
Teague was being sad with his butt up in the air. Ave was trying to help - I love how she looks so pleased with herself here!
Ave was quite helpful with our little garden this year. She was very good about washing our tomatoes too.
These little bums totally stole our bed the other night. We let them because Ave and Teagie weren't feeling too good. They both have little colds which they've passed on to me. I just really hope Carter doesn't catch it!
Teague likes to get out whatever he can find in Mom's little bathroom cupboard and use it as drums. He was singing some "Thunderstruck" while he played.
We actually haven't been to Dairy Queen in a while - crazy right? They enjoyed their treats on a nice summer night on the porch.
This makes me laugh - Teague was saying "summer!" really loud!
Yesterday was gorgeous! Today it's smoky and gray. We had the sprinkler out as usual and these two played and played forever. Carter (like his Dad) thought it was too hot. He would just lay on a bed all day if I let him.
I love Teague's walk here - he's such a goofball. Ave liked to crawl under and lay flat to see if the water would actually get her.
Then Avery taught him to stick his butt in the water!
They really get along well. They were having a good laugh about something here - I can't remember what it was!
They were going to hold hands and run through together. Also, you can see how big Ave's bikini is. It's bound up in the back with a ponytail. Looking good! Hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day Weekend. Ours was nice and quiet which was fine with me!

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