Sunday, September 8, 2013

New camera!

I have barely any pictures from this week. I got a new camera right in the middle, but then I was gone Friday and Saturday to Billings for volleyball. Oh well, gotta do the blog on Sunday night. Going to volleyball practice everyday with me wears these kids out - Ave and Carter do like to jog and condition with the girls! Ave watched a few minutes of PBS kids on the IPad, and she was out!
This might be the dirtiest shirt in the whole world. Teague spilled juice, fudgesicle, and chicken noodle soup on it that day. It was impressive. Luckily, he wasn't seen out in public after the spills!
My Carterman on his first day of 1st grade! He really likes his teacher so far, and he got moved up on the behavior chart for standing still in line after lunch. He's already got about 6 kids to play Superhero Squad with him at recess too. He's Ironman of course.
This was my first picture with the new camera. Looks good! He's been liking all the big books on the bookshelf in the back.
Teague really was happy to be wearing the raincoat - I must have caught a bad moment here. They both love these raincoats. It was raining when we went to pick up Carter at school, so they wanted to wear these. Mom and Dad bought them when Carter and Lando were 4 I think. They were a good purchase!
He was wearing his Superman pajamas and playing with his Superman toy. He thought it was cool to see how well they matched!
Ave always has the best hair in the mornings!
Carter made a Transformer out of Legos. It was really cool; he could make the arms and legs move! I was pretty proud of him - I love that real smile too!
This is Teague's attempt at winking! He is so funny. We had a dance party with all the Lego Avengers the other night. He thought Hulk, Hawkeye, and the gang would be great dancers.
Ave has been loving music lately. That's my girl! I made her a playlist of about 35 songs on my IPod, and she listens to it everyday. I'll have to get a video of she and Teague singing "Teagie Pie Honey Bunch" to "Sugar Pie Honey Bunch". It makes my day!
Lastly, I made my usual attempt to get all 3 to smile at the same time. Carter is trying to get Teague to look up at me. One of these days a good one has to happen! Hope everyone has a lovely week!

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