Monday, September 16, 2013

Happy Birthday Kyle!

I had a homework assignment for Carter's teacher. I had to make an acrostic poem for my boy that they will hang in the classroom. I think it turned out pretty good. He woke up in the morning and said, "Mom, it's all the things I like"! Mission accomplished!
This is such a cute picture. Teague laughs and laughs when Kyle kisses his neck!
They were singing and dancing to "Bye Bye Bye"! I'm so proud!
One more picnic! It was such a gorgeous day, we had to get out of the house!
I hope it stays pretty nice for September. I love a good picnic with the kiddos.
She has the cutest smile! Sorry these captions are so short. I must get Carter to bed!
This is Teague's favorite thing about going to volleyball practice - sitting in the ball bin!
I love this picture! He really was almost asleep!
It was so nice we even had one more sprinkler day! Carter seems to not be able to look at me for more than two seconds.
My girl doing some homework. She does about three pages a day - she's so smart!
Dana was in this weekend - the girls had a lot of fun together!
Kolt loved Carter! He just chased him around and around and around!
Miss Boo is obsessed with her playlist on my IPod. It was so hard to get these out of her ears after she fell asleep. She kept waking up everytime I turned the music off!
We started dance again today. She knows 3 people in her class and was very happy to be there.
She got to demonstrate this for her dance class. She's very flexible!
Happy 33rd Birthday Kyle! They love singing Happy Birthday to their Daddy!

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