Sunday, December 1, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

First, just a random bath picture. These two love a good bath, especially when making a tower. They are kind of cute!
Avery and Teague had the LifeTouch picture people come to their daycare this year! Carter told them how to do a nice smile. So as you can see they were all dressed up. I tried to get them to show me how they smiled.
  There's my handsome boy! He really is so damn cute!
I can't wait to see their pictures. I bet they are hilarious!
It has been so nice here! I think we are supposed to be -13 this week, so I'm glad we got out and enjoyed it when we could.
We had a little soccer game. These guys were the Purple Dragons. Carter picked their pose.
We were the yellow giants. Ave picked our pose! We totally won.
Then she made lots of food for me. This was called Indian casserole I believe.
Abb and Jord had the Coronation dance on the day before Thanksgiving. They both looked gorgeous.Terri went to take pictures and Ave went with her.
How cute! They looked beautiful, and Ave loved being there.
Landon, Erica, and Sean arrived Wednesday night, and we were so happy to see them. These four had a blast together. They all love when Papa reads the Grouchy Lady Bug in a very silly way!
Thanksgiving time! Yum! We had delicious food and all the kids looked so good in their fancy clothes.
3 handsome fellows, 3 kind of silly faces!
This poor girl passed out. Papa took Carter, Avery, and Landon on a hike to get them out of the house while we finished cleaning and cooking.
Not our best family picture, but it will do. Kyle had to work obviously, but he did manage to get here for some dinner.
My girl looked so pretty - even with "nap" hair. She still fits in her dress she wore 2 Christmases ago luckily!
What a cheeseball!
2 kids playing with their buddy Jordan.
The day after Thanksgiving we decided to get out the Christmas decorations. Christmas is just so fun for little kids. Carter put the star on. That is always his favorite part of the decorating!
They were all pretty good helpers.
Just a couple decorating pictures.
My girl put all her ornaments together!
Teague moved Bumble around 6 times. He liked him on the roof of the house ornament the best!
Lastly, this boy liked pumpkin pie! He woke up and chowed down!

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