Monday, December 1, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had some snow last week! We were supposed to get 4 inches and ended up getting 3 times that! The big pretty snowflakes started falling right after Carter's basketball practice on Tuesday (hence the shorts).
Googles made a December calendar for herself. It has many birthdays on it!
This is what we woke up to Wednesday morning!
I liked the way our mailbox looked!
After school we had a super fun snowball fight. Ave got Carter right in the neck!
Teague threw a snowball at me right as I was about to take his picture!
It was pretty warm! In fact, you could hear water dripping all around. Laney had snow clumped all over her. It was perfect for snowballs :)
My 3 monkeys!
The boys went inside for awhile. Ave and I made the biggest snowman! We rolled that bottom section all the way from the backyard. People were driving by giving us thumbs up! It ended being over 6 feet tall. We had to tie two scarfs together to go around him.
The boys did come check it out and were impressed. Sadly, it had fallen over by the next day. Too melty.
We set up our tree Wednesday night while Kyle was working the Coronation. We were off to Sunburst in the morning. We saved the rest of our decorations for Sunday night. They were all quite helpful this year (as evidenced by this pose) and interested in the different ornaments.
Carter always loves a nice blue ornament.
Thanksgiving in Sunburst. We had a delicious dinner. The salads and pies are always favorites of mine! These kiddos had a blast with their cousin Kade too. They ran and ran and played and played! Teague also got asked to be a ring bearer in Nate and Alex's wedding this summer. He said "I can't", and Nate asked him if he was busy somewhere else that day! We could not stop laughing. Luckily, I told him he'll be 4 at the wedding, and that will work for him. He just couldn't do it while he was "thfree".
Ave loves all the art stuff she finds at Grandma and Grandpa Barsness's house. She and Carter made quite a few masterpieces with these non-messy paintbrushes.
Tired, sprawled children!
We spent all day Saturday out at the farm. As usual, Callie and Avery had a good time together!. It was nice to relax and visit with everyone.
Teague quite enjoyed Bonnie's caramel rolls! We all did of course, but he wolfed two of them down!
We had a big dinner at Phil and Mary Jo's for Phil's birthday. Everything was delicious, and Carter was in heaven because the main course was Sloppy Joe's! Thanks everyone for a wonderful holiday. We had so much fun!
Lastly, 3 tired kids on the way home. No idea why Ave covered herself up with a blanket. Sun maybe? It worked though :)

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