Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas time (a few days early)!

Carter and Avery looked so nice for their Christmas program. It was really cute this year. They sang their little hearts out too. They are both little hams!
Just a random picture at MacKenzie River the other night. Nate's fiancĂ© Alex was looking at Christmas lights here in Butte with her Mom a few weeks ago and got a flat tire. Kyle went up to help her fix it. They gave him a gift card for MacKenzie River the next day which was so nice of them. We always love to eat there :)
Saturday was pasty time! Carter was pretty helpful to start. He made a couple for himself!
We added in some more potatoes, onion, salt, and pepper later on. Ave got to put in the pepper. She did a lovely job.
She also did a nice job cutting up potatoes. She likes to be involved.
Playing outside with Nerf Guns. Teague looks like he was flamenco dancing perhaps! Ave is wearing her Christmas program outfit again. She decided she really likes that dress that Grandma Burgman got her 5 months ago!
Sunday morning was Spritz cookie time. They were delicious as always. I have to make those every year - they remind me of cooking with Grandma Vivian :)
Grandma and Grandpa Barsness came in on Sunday with loads of presents. It was nice that they got to see the kids open everything. They were so excited! They literally played with every single toy too! Ave really likes her rolling Frozen art set.
Carter's "Blister the Velociraptor" toy is pretty awesome. It transforms into a cool helicopter. His new Puma outfit is styling also!
Teague is thrilled with all the dinosaur train toys! Elmer the Elasmosaurus and Ned the Brachiosaurus are good buddies already.
Carter positively "squealed" with excitement when he saw the Nerf tactical vest! He has always been so happy about everything he receives, and I love that about him.
The Dinosaur Train is looking good! So is Teagie William in his new Captain America pajamas.
The only picture I got of Grandma and Grandpa. Sorry! We really appreciate them driving in crappy weather to come down and see us. We also appreciate all the wonderful gifts! You are too good to us Diana, Dick, Bonnie, Phil, Mary Jo, and the Cut Bank Barsness's. Thank you all so much!

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