Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Holiday fun!

Another blurry basketball picture. Carter is loving it! He made 5 baskets yesterday and played some good defense. Ave is not so into it yet. She doesn't like it when she's not the best at something...
Teague had his daycare Christmas Party last Thursday. It was super cute. He looked a little nervous on stage, but he sang every word! His brother and sister told him how well he did :)
He looked pretty cute in his Rudolph hat.
A totally cheesy grin from Teague while waiting in line to see Santa. Ave thought she should look nice for him. Luckily she can still wear any dress in her closet from the last 3 years!
I love this picture! They all did such a good job smiling and telling Santa what they would like for Christmas (Carter - Nerf gun, Ave - Beados, and Teague - Super Hero Squad guys).
Teague decided Rudolph needed a gun. Every game can turn into a battle between good and evil with Teague!
My tired puppy dog. We moved her perch by the window for the tree at Mom and Dad's. Now she will just lay on whoever looks most comfortable. This night it was Papa.
Time for sugar cookies. We made way too many, but it was a lot of fun!
Carter really enjoyed helping Kyle cut them out this year. He always likes to bring some to his class.
Ave was my helper. She was the only one who stayed the whole time.
Teague helped Grandma roll out some dough.
The Christmas "Brachiosaurus" has become a tradition. We had trees, snowflakes, sleighs, stars, snowmen, gingerbread men, and candy canes. However we added in dinosaurs, giraffes, shamrocks, footballs, and basketballs. Grandma cut out the grandkids initials too! Why not?
Teague sampling the frosting. Kyle made some delicious buttercream frosting with a recipe from Food Network. It was tasty! We also used piping bags this year. It worked out wonderfully!
The finished products! Not only do they look lovely, they taste good too! Carter and Avery brought some to school on Monday. Carter brought some to his basketball game, and Ave is bringing some to dance today.

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