Sunday, December 7, 2014

Winter fun

Carter and Avery had their first basketball games on Tuesday. They were crazy and unorganized, but the kids had lots of fun! Kyle and I coach Ave's team (I'd liken it to herding cats), so I didn't get a picture of her until after it was over. Her defensive position is pretty good!
 Carterman had a blast too. He is just getting comfortable with dribbling and shooting. He played great defense though :)
My friend Alicia was in town for Thanksgiving. We had dinner and drinks together. It was lots of fun!
This poor guy was having a rough morning on Friday. I went to get him a drink and came back to find him sleeping like this.
We ended up going to the Doctor because he had a really high fever. Turns out my poor fella had strep throat. He's not a complainer! I never know. He took a little nap in the afternoon too. Looks comfy right?
These two really wanted to go to the Christmas Stroll. It was really fun! Mom and I took these monkeys up to check out the Festival of Trees first. This is Montana Orthopedics tree. It was super cute!
We walked all around. It was a beautiful night. We walked by the Courthouse and decided to stop in at Venus Rising, a little coffee shop I always hear about but have never been in. Grandma kindly bought us some hot chocolate, and we listened to a guy play Christmas songs on the piano. Carter even sat with him and sang "Up on the Housetop". It was a great night!
Teague was feeling a little better after a few doses of amoxicillin. He and Ave practiced his Christmas songs in the morning. He will be singing "Frosty the Snowman", "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer", and "Jingle Bells" at his daycare dinner on Thursday. I can't wait! He loves to sing! Sidenote: Ave's morning hair is amazing.
Since Laney loves her Thundershirt so much, we thought she might like a Christmas sweater...we were wrong. It was cute though!
My ugly sweater friends: Terri and Lori. The ugly sweater party was a pretty fun time!
Kyle customized his...he also won $25 for this creation!
We got home about 1. This fella was still up chatting away with Jordan (thanks Jocko). He had taken a nap earlier and was wide awake. He finally went to sleep about 2:30. He's lucky he's cute.
We went to Silver Bow today for Mason's 6th Birthday Party! It was a lovely time. All the kids had lots of fun!
Teague just keeps feeling better and better!
Avery and Mason are buddies. They are only about 3 weeks apart. I just realized I have absolutely nothing for Avery's One Direction themed birthday party! Aaaaagh!

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