Saturday, July 18, 2015

Day #2 - Seattle

Day #2 in Seattle. We took the Monorail again so we could go see Pike Place. This time we sat in the very front, and the conductor was super nice. He let all the kids honk the horn and talked to them the whole time.
Callie and her buddy Teague ready for a day of adventure.
We made it! What a cool view.
I think this place is so cool. I wish we would have bought some fruit from there, but the kids didn't like the fish smell!
Yummy again!
There is a fish in the air in this picture although it's kind of blurry. It was fun to watch them toss fish around!
The very first Starbucks. There was a line down the whole block to get in.
A cool squid sculpture outside the aquarium.
My first view of the ocean. Lovely right?
The aquarium was really neat. We could have stayed there for hours.
They had a cool wave pool right when you walk in.
Lando got splashed!
These always make for some funny pictures!
Carter caught Avery. You should zoom in on her scared face!
Landon caught Teague!
It's always kind of cool to be able to touch some of the sea creatures. We touched some anemones and starfish very carefully.
Ave said it felt like nothing.
The starfish feel so bumpy.
That is such a cute Teague smile right there.
Avers is a moon jelly!
The real moon jellies. They were neat looking.
Puget Sound is home to the Sixgill shark, the third largest predatory fish in the U.S. Who knew?
This is how they measured up!
A puffin was having fun diving in the water.
Checking out the underwater dome.
Such happy kids!
Girls picture!
Time to venture outside and see the harbor seals.
The Harbor seals were named Barney and Q. They seemed to like showing off for the kids.
Landon liked watching the sailboats.
They had fun watching them go under the water.
The otters were so so cute! I could have watched them for an hour. They were enjoying some clams when we arrived.
There were six sea otters. This one tried to hoard all the ice cubes. It didn't work.
They were very active. This one was bashing the clam shell open right across the glass from the kids.
How cute!
They did a lot of wrestling and rolling in the water too.
One floating by while the other cleans its tail.
If this weren't $50, I probably would have bought it. Baby seals are my favorite.
This shirt made me laugh!
Carter decided on an orca stuffed animal and an orca necklace.
Teague got an "Octi" and Ave found "Shellarina!" Landon found a bouncy ball thing. He's not much of a shopper. We did pick out an otter shirt for him though.
We grabbed some lunch at the pier, and then got ready to ride the Great Wheel.
Jord had to return some shorts, so she and Abb headed to the shops. Carter wanted to look through the telescopes for Orca with Kyle. So I went with these goofballs on the Wheel.
These two were good buddies on the trip.
We are up! The building with the white on top is Century Link Field, where we were heading for the concert later on. Behind it is Safeco, the baseball stadium. Pretty cool views!
There are Kyle and Carter in the corner by the flag pole.

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