Saturday, July 18, 2015

Seattle, Here we come!

Monday was the start of our Seattle adventure. We were all pretty excited. I've never been there. Our first stop was Missoula to get Callie. We had a tasty lunch at her hotel's restaurant before we continued on to Spokane.
We made it to Spokane! We decided to walk around a bit when we arrived and find some dinner. All the kids were happy to be out of the cars. Kyle and Teague are making lovely faces here.
Kids just can't resist walking on stuff. Luckily Callie was there to help Teagie.
We ended up at Red Robin - Yum! They were fast, and the kids liked these burger seats.
You can't go to Spokane without stopping by Riverside Park to see the big wagon. Unfortunately it got dark pretty fast.
These is a cute picture even though they all look like they have demon eyes!
Spokane is a pretty city.
And we're off again! We had two rental cars. Girls in one, boys in the other. Callie drove this leg of the trip, and I took a picture of this cool bridge we were about to cross.
We made it. Callie has some pretty great hotel connections, and this was the view from our room!
Then we walked to the Space Needle. It was a Tuesday, so it probably wasn't as busy as usual, but it was a long wait to go up the Space Needle. We decided to just walk around the base and the gift shop instead.
Abb and Jord were excellent helpers as usual. I'm really glad they got to go with us.
Just a quick picture inside a random mall. We did go to a pretty fun toy store there.
We decided we all needed a little caffeine. Luckily there is a Starbucks on every block I think. You can't be in the home of Starbucks and not stop at one!
We rode the monorail four times while we were there. It was pretty cool. All the kids loved it!
They really liked when they got to sit in the very front or the very back.
For some reason, this astronaut statue is outside the monorail. Why not take a picture with him?
Ave tried on a pretty cool Space Needle hat!
Landon made himself a Space Needle quarter. They all did eventually. We really didn't shop a lot. There was just too much to explore, and too many kids who were always hungry at different times! Kyle was sad because NikeTown was closed for renovations.
Jordan used her muscles to make a smashed quarter too. It's pretty cool how it works.
We decided the kids just needed to run around a bit. There are a lot of cool art pieces outside the Space Needle. They were perfect for a little playtime. Carter in his "bed".
Landon and Ave just sharing a little spot.
Teague being Teague.
He was very silly.
The Space Needle is very impressive looking. We kept saying, "If we only had more time." Kyle said next year wherever we go, we'll plan it out a little better.
Callie taking a picture of Abb and Jord by the Space Needle. She already took the picture, but she reenacted it for me. I like her commitment.
More climbing on a cool lightning statue.
We had a very late dinner by our hotel. Callie enjoyed a well deserved glass of wine. The next day was going to be even busier!

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