Saturday, July 18, 2015

More Family Fun!

This was right before Joe and Kelsie came back from Philadelphia. Lincoln was in a super silly mood. He heard someone, probably me, say "Oh my God!" He thought it was hilarious and kept saying it and covering his mouth to laugh. He's so funny!
Kels and Joe treated everyone to a feast from the Pekin. It was delicious and took up most of the table! I like the irony of having our Chinese food on our 4th of July plates.
We had Nikki take pictures of the kids again. This was a random one I grabbed. I will post some of the real ones later. It was fun though, and the mine background was pretty cool.
We realized we had 9 days before 9 people drove 9 hours to Seattle to see One Direction!
My kiddos are pretty cute!
Another background
The Mountain Con is pretty neat - I love the Mile High, Mile Deep signs.
Almost forgot to get one with the cool sunglasses.
We went to Bozeman the next day to visit The Museum of the Rockies. The travelling exhibit was all about chocolate. It smelled so good! Also, this is a terrible picture!
We saw a sign that talked about burrowing dinosaurs, and Teague yelled "It's Orychtodromeus!" He was right! It amazes me how much my kids know about dinosaurs. Dinosaur Train is still one show they all like to watch together.
Some big boys doing a little fishing in the Yellowstone section.
Avery always likes to play in the little cabin area. She was an excellent chef.
Linky and Carter had fun doing some fishing too.
The peace sign is apparently cool for taking pictures now.
One of all the kids with Big Mike! Baby Hawkins was a little trooper as usual while we were there. He's such a good little guy.
Time for some fun on the cowboy swings at Clark's Park. Everybody worked on their muscles that day!
A cute family on the cowboy swings.
My kids always love the tire swing.
Teague doesn't like to go too crazy, so he and Lincoln had a calm ride together.
Carter had Avery fix his hair that day, he looked pretty cool.
My little climbing fool.
The thyme has gone crazy!
We had to say goodbye to our Alaskan buddies. It was sad, but not as sad as usual. We know we will see them soon. Kels got a teaching job in Watford City. Now both my sisters will be 9 hours away. I can handle that! Me and Link got to be good buddies this summer. I can't wait to see him again.
He had a happy morning jumping on Carter. Carter was fine with it as you can see! We hope all the moving goes smoothly for them, and we will see them in North Dakota in August hopefully!
Erica, Sean, and Hawkins went back to North Dakota Saturday morning also. Landon stayed with us for our upcoming Seattle vacation. We made a trip to the Folk Festival Saturday night just to get out of the house.
There were two sets of human statues there. The kids thought they were quite intriguing.
Two boys enjoying some Cajun music and a snowcone.
These two had a big one to share also.
Teague put his donation sticker in an odd spot!
We went up Sunday to check out the kids' area. There wasn't a whole lot this year, but the seed art was pretty fun.
Carter just drew some Transformers. Landon did too. It was a little windy at the moment though, so he didn't want to be in a picture.
I love this picture! My Teague has such a cute real smile!
Jordan and Terri joined us. Jord had just got back from Vegas the night before, where their dance company did amazing! They placed in every age group. The kids were very happy to see their buddy!

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