Saturday, July 18, 2015

Concert Time!

We had to switch hotels right before we caught the shuttle (which was quite a scary long ride!). We still found time to put on some cool One Direction tattoos that we had saved from Ave's birthday party. Teague told Kyle this is where he wanted his!
Looking good!
And we are there!
Century Link is an awesome stadium. This was our view for the Opening Act - Icona Pop. We only knew one of their songs, but they sounded good. We had fun!
A nice lady took a picture of me and these monkeys. Callie had gone to get water I think. Abb and Jord and the big boys were in the row right in front of us. I was glad we brought headphones for Teague. It was very loud!
I was glad we splurged for seats. Look how high up those go!
This was our view for One Direction. No zoom there!
They numbered our seats wrong, and we switched to the other side. 2 seats, an aisle, and us! It was so much fun!
Avers with Louie right behind her. He found her during "Kiss You" and waved, pointed, and waved again. She waved back luckily! She couldn't believe it. Neither could the girls sitting around us!
They sounded perfect live!
We mostly had Louie and Niall on our side, but Harry and Liam made there way over a few times. It was super hard to take pictures and video. We were too busy singing and dancing!
They have a lot of fun on stage together. Their accents are awesome too.
Niall's Irish accent is Ave's favorite. He also is a very good guitar player.
The boys came over by us because security didn't care. We were all standing up anyway. Louie saw them and gave them a thumbs up! They probably don't see a lot of boys at their concerts. He is our new favorite. Carter was so excited!
These two boys might have danced more than anyone else!
Towards the end, two security ladies brought Landon and Carter over and let them stand on the chairs closest to the stage! It was so nice of them!
After the concert, Carter finally ate his corndog!
We could not have had more fun! I'm so glad the kids had a blast. Teague was quiet at first because he fell asleep on the way there, but he eventually sang and danced. Callie and I took turns holding up Ave and Teague at times. Neither one of us could bend our arms the next day! It was worth it though, totally worth it!
These two could not stop talking about it. Kyle met us outside the stadium, and they talked his ear off. How many Dads would buy their young kids awesome concert tickets? They gave him a lot of hugs!
I call this our "Adventures in Babysitting" picture. It reminded me of the scary subway scenes in that movie. Ave and Teague slept the minute we boarded.
The aftermath of an amazing concert/vacation. We had so much fun! I'm so glad that 9 of us went, and all because Ave saw their concert dates in my Entertainment magazine in December. Good choice Ave!
Here are a couple videos of my favorite songs from the concert. They are not great videos, but the sound is fantastic.

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