Monday, July 16, 2012

Folk Festival!

We finally got to meet Dana's new baby Colt. He's six month old and so cute! He was happy the whole time at my house. Teague kept walking up to him and saying, "Baby" because you know Teague is so big now!
He was such a cutie - he's starting to get the "Stevens' family" red hair now too.
All 7 - we had to take a few to get a decent one!
I love this picture! Abb and Jord hung out with us while Kyle and Teague took a nap. We've had a bad case of stomach flu going through the house. Kyle, Ave, and I all had it. Ave thought she was all better that day...
Ave threw up in the grass right when we got there...then ran way ahead of us and called us slowpokes. She is the best sick kid ever! After Abb got done hiding in the car (she's afraid of puke), she and Ave had a good time at the splash pad.
Ha Ha! Look at Carter abandoning Jordan under the bucket!
He loves sunglasses...if they are not his. He totally stole Jordan's and looked good in them too!
The dreaded carnival is in town. I have to say it went better than I expected. After Ave threw one giant fit, everyone had a blast. Here are the boys on the "boosters" as they named them.
Googles was fearless! I was worried about her because she gets carsick and just seems to have a delicate stomach. I shouldn't have worried. She made me go on the tilt-a-whirl four times, twice with just me and her.
The bumblebees were fun too. It was kind of a small carnival, but we got our moneys worth! All the kids loved the funhouses!
Our lazy Saturday morning. I love how Teague is leaning back to look at Avery.
Saturday afternoon after a nice walk to Poppa's house, poor Teague had some lunch and passed out! Carter put some of his many blue stuffed animals around him - what a nice big brother.
Teague missed out on a lot of activities this week. He's too little for the carnival, and he fell asleep when we were headed to the folk festival. Thanks Poppa for babysitting! The folk festival is amazing! It is by far my favorite event in Butte! Here are the boys being astronauts at the Children's stage.
Erica and Ave being rocketgirls!
This picture is cute!
The Park St. stage was awesome! There were a ton of vendors (Pit BBQ from Texas, authentic funnel cakes, California stir fry, Baskin Robbins...and the kids wanted Tropical Sno) and awesome Zydeco music. It reminded me of "The Princess and the Frog" music. The boys won those hats at an "Ore" toss game.
We found a little shade to listen to some music. It was fun!
One more picture!
Teaguers had to try on Carter's hat when we got back!
How cute is my little Mr. Blue Eyes? He's such a good boy.

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