Monday, July 23, 2012

So Hot!

This is "Flygirl", my little superhero (not to be confused with the dancers on In Living Color)! She and Carter were making me laugh that night!
Teague is usually just like this - happy and laidback!
We are loving this summer time. Yes, it's been HOT,  but that's better than cold for me!
Mom got the kids candy necklaces. I used to love those when I was little. Carter really enjoyed his. I'm not sure what Lando is doing here...looking tough I guess! You can see the nice new sod behind the porch. It's looking good!
Rock star time! I was on the drums. I think Mom played the harmonica. Ave was the star of course, lead guitar and vocals.
Carter went with Mom, Erica, and Landon down to Billings to meet Dad after the Big Sky State Games. I had a nice weekend with Teague and Ave. We tried to get outside for picnics, walks, and playtime. We also went to a wedding reception Friday night. I thought Ave might be sad she didn't go on the trip. She was fine though. They loved Copper Mountain Friday night!
It has a great playground. We just don't get up there much because it always seems to be windy. There is no shade by the playground either, so you have to wait until things cool off. Friday was perfect though! Teague always love the swings.
I think this is when Boo saw all the geese flying in!
It was a gorgeous night - probably a perfect 70 degrees at that point! We played up there from about 8:30 until almost 10:00! Then we had to make a stop by Wendy's. They wore themselves out and needed a second dinner.
Avery named this the train station. We sang lots of railroad songs, "I've been working on the railroad" and "Peanut sat on a railroad track" were the favorites. These are the cheesiest grins I've ever seen!
Teague found the one puddle in the entire complex and got soaked!
They are so cute! We had lots of fun, but I was missing my Cartyman.
Ave was a little daintier than Teague. I had to take off his shorts, shoes, and socks before I put him back in the carseat!
Meanwhile...Carter was having a blast with Landon and Erica (I stole this from Erica's blog) in their suite. They said he was a super good boy on the trip. He had one freakout before dinner one night. Apparently he was exhausted and said, "You took me too many places!". Then he ate and was reenergized!
They went to the zoo (where Carter shared many animal facts that he learned from Wild Kratts), Chucky Cheese's, Toys 'R Us, and Red Lobster (where Carter loved the cheesy biscuits). I'm glad they had such a great time!
Dad brought Teague a stuffed T-Rex when he was in Spokane all week for a volleyball camp. Teague was so happy to see Poppa. He didn't want Dad to put him down...then he promptly passed out!

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