Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

Someone named Teague is spoiled rotten. After the bath, he swooped in and stole Poppa's dessert! He's definitely my son - can't resist a warm brownie with ice cream!
We had Fourth of July company - our best buddy Callie! Carter and Ave were thrilled to sleep upstairs with her. Ave even gave her a pink bunny to cuddle with! Callie said they shared a quarter of the queen bed - Ha Ha!
On the third, we went up to the Original Mine Yard for an Ice Cream social. We got to hang out with the Peck kids and eat ice cream. What could be better?
We went to Mom's coworker's house for the fireworks on 3rd. Judy and Mickey have an awesome deck and yard with a great view! As you can see, my three enjoyed their swingset immensely.
This is a terrible picture. It was very dark, and I just wanted one of him pointing. During the big fireworks, he would climb up the ladder, point, and say "Wooooaaaaahhhh!". Ave made Callie go inside with her because she was, "turning into an icicle". Thanks Cal!
Another bad picture, but I have to say I think the Fireworks were the best I've ever seen in Butte! Way to go Town Pump!
The Parade was quite nice this year also. There were 161 entries, but it went by fast. It was really pleasant too, just about 75 degrees. Ave loved the Nemo float, and Carter liked the "Toothless" one, from How to Train your Dragon. Lando and Teague did some great dance moves to all the floats that played music.
Mom and Dad got him a shirt that said "Mr Independent". How perfect is that?
These two really enjoyed the smokebombs as you can see. Dad was digging up the yard for sod to come on Friday - it doesn't normally look like that!
We made a quick trip over to see my friend Alicia. That is her little girl Brooklyn on the far right. I'm so glad we got to meet her! She is 9 months old already! She and Teague were too busy playing in water to look in my direction.
I lit off some fountains and such in front of Mom and Dad's that night. The kids loved them! I'm just glad they didn't ask to light any of them. Fireworks scare me a little.
I think he looks so much like baby Carter in this picture...with blue eyes and lighter hair of course! I had to get a picture of his shirt from Auntie Kelsie. "The Freshest Kid on the Block" made me laugh every time I looked at him!
We had some good helpers - they were filthy!
Splash Pad time! It has been hot here. I'm not complaining - I enjoy it. Erica, feed poor Landon some food! Look at those ribs.
Teagie woke up just in time to cool off!
These two are planning their route apparently.
Carter is the only one who really goes in the water. He always has fun there.
Snack time!
And now off to the Cowboy swings. You can't go to Clark's Park and not do the cowboy swings. I think it's a rule somewhere!
I love when these two are best pals!
What a silly Teague face! That's a happy note to end it on this week. Hope everyone had a great holiday!

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