Monday, December 23, 2013

Almost Christmas!

Carter had his Christmas program on Tuesday. He was looking good! Grandma and Papa Burgman bought him a new tie, and he was very excited to wear it!
He sang 3 songs and got to play the jingle bells. He made sure he told Kyle and I multiple times, "When you are video taping me, make sure you get the jingle bell part." We did, and it was wonderful. He did a great job!
Afterwards we stopped by Front Street Market to get some presents for his teachers and the daycare teachers, and he got a candy squirt gun. He dumped out the candy and used the squirt gun to "clean" the truck. It was beautiful outside that day!
Twice this week he's come home with "Super Student" stickers. That's a very good thing! It means he was caught being good at school twice in one day. He's picking a good time of the year to make his Mom and Dad happy with him!
Thursday night was the daycare Christmas party at the Depot. It was a lot of fun this year! Not too crowded, lots of food, and happy kids! Teague enjoyed the cocktail pastys of course.
Carter is getting to be quite the adventurous guy. He asked us if it was okay if he went up and sang Christmas carols with some of the other kids. He marched right up there and joined in!
This guy...what a face!
Avers loves a good piece of ham anytime! We had a talk about Santa coming too, and she promised she wasn't going to cry this year (she said that she's 4 now and not scared).
Wow! It's a Christmas miracle. Teague and Avery finally like Santa as much as Carter always has!
Ave even talked to him and told him what she wanted (some Barbie Rv thing). I was quite happy with my kiddos that night!
Friday when Carter was done with school, we headed up to Sunburst. We watched Nate's boys' team beat Heart Butte yesterday. Ave had a blast hanging out with her cousin Kaden (Ave's about 9 months older).
She was wearing the cutest outfit from Grandma Diana. She let her wear it to the game because we all wanted to see her in it. It has a sweater/cape that is so pretty! I love this picture though. They have all been getting along very well! Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas - I know we all can't wait!

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