Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas part 1!

I love this picture! They are all smiling! The 23rd was a gorgeous day in Sunburst, no wind at all. We got all bundled up to do some sledding out at the farm.
There were some large snow drifts to try out.
Callie pulled Teague and Ave around while Phil got the 4 wheeler ready.
All 3 ready to go!
They started out this way. Callie on the back in case anyone fell off. Grandma Bonnie's puppy Lady followed them all around too. She pretty much slept the next 2 days!
And we're stuck! Those drifts are huge! I did put down the camera and help. We got out.
Teague had more fun driving with Callie than riding.
Daddy pulled him around for awhile too. Then Teague announced, "I'm going to hang out inside now", and off he went!
I hate selfies. I hate the word selfie, but I had to get a picture of me and my girl. We had so much fun!
Carter driving. He revved on the gas after being told to barely touch it. After that he was a pro though!
Time to go around again!
Daddy took us through pretty fast! We were all laughing so hard!
Grandma Diana and Grandpa Dick bought an indoor snowball fight for the kids. We had a blast!
This is how Hulk would throw snowballs!
All the kids had so much fun with Uncle Kevin. He loved to play with them!
Christmas Eve dressing up time! As you can see Carter would not look at me - that's pretty usual though.
This dress Grandma Burgman found on Zulily is so pretty!
What a handsome man!
There we go! My big handsome Carterman.
Sleeping on Christmas morning out at the farm.
Santa brought Carter the Doc Ock lego set he really wanted. He loved it!
The Octopod - just what he wanted!
Ave got a Barbie House from Santa - she loves it!
Kaden thought the Octopod was cool too. He and Thor played while Nate made sure no one fell off the table - thanks Nate!
Time to open presents. This guy is the best. He loves everything, thanks everyone, and is so excited!
Ave and Kaden were buddies all weekend. They opened presents next to eachother.
Thor was slow going on the present opening. He loved everything. He just wanted it immediately out of the packaging and set up for him!
Phil and Mary Jo got Avery an American Girl (Julie). She's very pretty, and Ave loved their matching outfits!
Carter was so excited to try out his remote control pterodactyl from Grandma Bonnie!
Kevin, Kyle, Colten, Carter, and Ave went outside to try it out. We are slowly getting the hang of it!
Boo loved her Sofia the first amulet from Chris and Aly and her Elsa nightgown (from the movie Frozen). She's styling!
My boys having some Lego fun.
The Octonauts were Teague's favorite thing this year. He loves them!
Poor worn out guy...
Lastly, the kids saying goodbye to Callie. We had so much fun with everyone out there. We always feel very spoiled - excellent company, food, fun, and family. Thanks everybody!

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