Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Part 2!

And now, part 2! We came back to Butte on the 26th and went straight to Grandma and Papa's house. The kids dug into their stockings while we waited for Grandma and Uncle Kyle to be done with work, and for Erica and Landon to arrive!
Carter really liked his stocking too (as you can tell)!
Auntie Terri got Mom this super soft blanket. It's so comfortable that these two just had to lay on it for awhile!
Everybody is here - time to open! Carter is holding up his hand sanitizer that was in his present from Landon. What can I tell you? The boy loves hand sanitizer!
Avers got a baby Anna from Frozen! She's so cute - Ave's also wearing lipstick that was in her stocking. She's going to have a "Frozen" birthday party this year. She went to the movie again with Jordan yesterday and some of her friends. She thought she was pretty cool with all the big girls!
Landon loved everything too. He immediately started reading some books. He's quite the reader!
Teague had Jordan and Terri to help him look at everything. He really likes this dragon jacket he got!
Carter got a Superhero Squad video game from Terri, Abb, and Jord! He loves a good video game. Landon has this one so they discussed it. Carter and Lando have spent every night together since we came back. They are cute :)
Just more opening. Ave was really good about wanting to know who everything was from.
Teague was wearing his awesome shark slippers that were in his stocking. He loves them!
Do you think Carter might be a little excited about his Motorized Spinosaurus? I love his excited face here!
Yes, the first Thor movie! He was thrilled! We all got spoiled all over again. Thanks so much everybody!
Then we had to go home, and the kids had three presents each from Mom and Dad (and Ave and Teague had one each from Carter). They are too lucky!
Teague got a deep sea buggy from the Octonauts. It has a spookfish named Boo that he always really liked! He also got clothes, pajamas, and Captain Hook's ship.
I think he liked it! His new crazy smile makes me laugh!
Avers got some princess stuff, some clothes and pajamas, a cool Polly Pocket mall to hang on the wall, and a caterpillar from Carter (which she loves)!
Carterman got clothes, pajamas, transformers, and this awesome V-Tech spinosaurus that turns into a jet!
They were hugging Carter to thank him for their presents. Teague got some playdough from him. He's a nice guy! He got me a Sudoku book :)
The next day Dana, Jason, Ritter, and all the kids came over. It was crazy but super fun. They all seem to get along very well together!
It was a present opening bonanza!
Had to find Ave back there!
Kolt had a good time opening his presents too.
The big kids (Carter, Madisyn, and Jada) with the littlest, Myla. She is such a sweet, calm baby.
Kids picture! Kolt did not want to be in it as you can see. We missed Alicia and Brooklyn this year, but Alicia is due with a baby boy today actually!
Moms and kids. I love that these pictures went from one kid each, to two, to three now (Ritter caught up)! Hope everyone had an awesome holiday. I know we did!

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