Sunday, December 8, 2013


This was last Sunday night when they were saying Goodbye to Landon. They miss him already! Carter can't wait to see him again around Christmas!
We went to Frozen last Sunday also - thanks Grandma Diana and Grandma Patsy! We all loved it! Avery is quite taken with it though. We got a Frozen coloring book and Frozen read-along with a CD book at Hastings. She listened to it 4 times in a row!
I can't say enough how much this boy loves his Thor costume. He obviously slept like this the other night as you can tell by the footie pajamas sticking out of the bottom. He kills me - he does this crazy deep voice whenever he's wearing it!
New boots! Since it is freezing cold here (-15) as I type, we knew it was time for some new footwear. They think they are pretty cool in them. I just noticed Kyle's face in the background - oops!
Oh look, it's Thor again. He's having a nice tea party with his fellow Asgardian Avery. Thor's from a planet called Asgard, for those who don't live with a 3 and a 6 year old boy.
Some stuffed animals came to the party too!
Later on that day, it was time to surf! They are very busy and imaginative. I'd rather have them be silly and make a mess than stare at the TV all day.
Someone lost his other front tooth at school on Friday! It fell right out during reading, and he had to go to the office and get an envelope for it.
He stayed at Papa and Grandma's that night. Luckily the tooth fairy found him there. She brought him some money and some floss!
They wanted to come outside with me and Papa and brave the cold on Saturday. We put up the lights because the sun was out. It was a balmy 1 degree. Grandma had got these for Carter for Christmas, but she decided he needed them if he was heading out. He loved them! He thought he looked like Hawkeye (a fellow Avenger Superhero)!
Ave got some pink ones! Her favorite part was the thumb holes :)
Our little helpers!
Carter did a good job helping. He would hand Papa the staple gun if he was on the bigger ladder.
After playing in the cold, Mr. Piggy had a chocolate chip pancake that he dumped all the extra blueberries on. Then he shoved his face in it and ate it!
We tried to get a Christmas card picture today - Teague looks crazy!
Teague looks like a demon! I seriously can't look at this picture without dying laughing!
This is the winner. It's not great, but it will do! I know it's next to impossible to get all three smiling and looking at the camera. Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season!

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