Monday, December 16, 2013

Holiday fun!

Mom and Dad had to go buy more lights for the outside of the house, and they also found this lovely Christmas pig! When Kyle stopped by for his dinner break he said he wasn't sure if it was an homage to him as a police officer or an insult! Mom laughed quite a bit about that one. She didn't think of it as anything but cute!
Teague found some reindeer antlers in his toy box. He has enjoyed being a reindeer (when he's not being Thor!)
Carter and Ave wanted to sleep on the floor in his room the other night. I'm not sure why...they looked really comfortable though!
Sugar cookie time! Terri, Mom, Kyle, me, and the kids made tons of them! Kyle made some awesome buttercream frosting for them too. It turned out really good. Miss Ave was by far the most helpful kid. She loved decorating them.
Carter decorated 4 cookies. He ate 3 of them but did manage to save one for his teacher! More on that in a second...
Thor and his rosy cheeks were right in the mix too. He had croup earlier in the week. He never had a fever luckily, but his cheeks were so red.
One of her masterpieces. She does a good job!
Kyle loves making cookies. We had to make sure we picked a day when he was off.
Okay, when I picked Carter up on Thursday he was talking to all his classmates about what they "liked on their cookies". He then told me that he told his class we were making cookies, and he would bring one for each of them. Kyle and I asked him why he told his class this. He said it was "almost Christmas, and he felt like it was nice"! How could we say no? He can be so sweet! We were making them anyway. So, there is an apple for his teacher, a candy cane for his friend Dallas, a blue candy cane for Acen, two footballs (freehand by Grandma) for Kolby and Colten, and many more lovely ones. Apparently they were a big hit! Kyle asked his teacher in the morning if it was okay before he brought them in. She said it was great. A lot of kids always say they are bringing stuff and never do, so she was surprised!
He still has a bit of a dry cough, and the doctor said tea with lots of honey is probably the best thing to do. Luckily he likes tea with honey a lot! He looks really cute drinking it with a straw too.
Avery made us a fabulous Christmas Festival in the kitchen the other day. She is standing by her "cracker stand". Then she poured us water, iced tea, and chocolate milk and had some string cheese out. Behind the table were toys and stuffed animals to buy also. She is so silly. She makes me laugh!
Another reindeer! One of Jord's old dance outfits I think.
I love her Holiday countdown. I might have already posted this. She added houses on the daycare days, moons for every night she crossed one off, and M's on "Monday/Dance Day" though. We are moving right along through there. Teague circled the 14th too - no idea why.
Dinosaur excavating time again. It is probably the messiest thing they can do, but they love it! I also like to hear Teague say excavating!
Pasty making time. He had flour all over his hair and eyebrows!
She is actually getting pretty good at making pastys!
Carter just really likes to eat them! These two like to "help"!
Lastly Thor made me buy a watermelon last time we were at the store. I cut it in quarters, and he stole one before I could cut it again. He ate the whole thing too!

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