Monday, April 7, 2008

7 videos!

Here's my big walking guy. He had some whipped cream with Grandpa - that's why he's carrying around the spoon!

One of his new favorite things is to carry stuff into the bathroom (in this case, Landon's mitten) and throw it in the tub. You can tell how pleased he is with himself!

This video is so dark unfortunately, but I love his laugh. He's discovered the joys of bouncy balls. We were playing in the kitchen, but he moved out to the coffee table.

These next two videos are Carter playing outside. It wasn't too bad out on Thursday, and Carter was just walking everywhere. Grandpa decided we should see how he did on uneven ground. He had a great time! My camera work is horrible though. In one of the videos he's upside down for awhile. I got a bit confused! They are still cute though.

Here are a couple bathtub videos from the end of February. They are not that exciting, but he does splash and make funny noises. I figured if I had them, I might as well put them up!

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