Monday, April 7, 2008

Funny stuff

Carter found this little green bouncy ball (very far left), and he loves it! He just laughs and laughs especially if it bounces back to him. He's so funny when he throws it; he kind of yells!

He knows that there is a pile of cards on the shelves by the microwave, so he goes over there all the time to dump them all over the floor. This kid just loves to make a mess! He's cute though! You can see the little scratch above his eyebrow. He crashed into the closet door; I guess that comes with walking.
He loves to be outside. I was showing him the ash tree. He kept saying it was "hot". I showed him that it was okay to touch. Grandma told him the stove was hot - so now anything he's not sure about is "hot". He thought the chainlink fence was too!
Carter found out that he could open the shiny gold mailbox too. I'm not sure what he was saying here, but I like his goofy expression.
These are more outside pictures from earlier in the week. It was windy, but there was some sunshine. Then it snowed the next two days of course. He just loves being outside.
I like this picture. I think Daddy told him he was going to get him. You can tell Carter was trying to run. He thinks he's really fast! He and Daddy played a lot, because Kyle headed to the Police Academy (for 12 long weeks) in Helena on Sunday. He'll be back every weekend though. It's going to take some getting used to.
Carter got kind of tired of falling over, so he decided to lead Grandpa around. I think this picture is so cute. Carter looks like such a little man!
Carter enjoys these little cars. I'm sure that he's probably to young to play with them; I just don't let him eat them. He likes to roll them back and forth and say some variation of "Vroom". He also likes to bang them together.
I just realized I have a lot of pictures this week. It was a funny week though. Here's Carter playing tug of war with Laney (with one of Grandpa's socks). They get along so well.
Carter is starting to like his Tonka tractor that he got from the Easter Bunny. He likes to put things in it and drive around. You can really tell he's making his car noise in this picture - look at those cheeks!
He gives "loves" and "kisses" all the time now. Here he is giving Grandma a nice kiss. Sometimes he puts his arms around your face and pulls you in! What a nice guy, huh?
I let him run around naked for awhile the other night. He was having a grand old time. He tried to help Grandma with the dishes. Mostly he just ran around with his blue guy though. What a physique!
Abbey was tickling him last Sunday. Check out that laughing man!
Grandma got Carter this Baby Einstein photo album. I know Lando has one too. Carter loves it though - he especially loves this picture of Grandpa. He's always pointing at it.
Grandma spoils Carter. She even lets him play in the sink and get all wet. He now makes someone go into the bathroom with him and says "Up". I'm starting to understand more and more things that he's saying.
This is the happy, "I got whipped cream with Grandpa" smile. He had such a good time that night. He walked everywhere, got to have his diaper off for about ten minutes, and shared a tasty treat with Grandpa and Laney.

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