Monday, April 28, 2008

A ton of pictures

Carter has become obsessed with shoes lately. Grandpa's slippers are the easiest to put on!
He's also been very lovey lately. He's been giving everyone (including Laney, his best friend) big kisses and hugs. I'm not complaining at all - I love it.
Carter has been playing with all his new toys that he got for his birthday. His little people "village" is behind him - he loves the car ramp - and his tool puzzle is also lots of fun.
This is his tee that he got from Cimmaron and Steph. He hasn't quite got the concept yet. He likes to run with the bat and knock the ball off with his hand!
He's starting to like his Baby Einstein video a lot. It's all about water. We also watched a little bit of Finding Nemo the other day. He thought that the fish were quite fascinating.
Carter and Grandpa had a very fun night on Thursday. Carter went to open gym with us, then Grandpa chased him around the house and gave him a horsey ride! Carter loves when people chase him.
Grandma and a little naked man read some books together. He really likes this new grouchy ladybug book that Grandma got for him.
Carter found a new silly game to play. He would walk over to the loveseat, lean backwards on it with his hands in the air, and laugh and laugh. We have no idea where he got this!
This was last weekend. Lovely right? It was crappy all week long.
This is a very tired little man. When he wakes up from a nap and sees Laney - he likes to go lay on her. It's part of his waking up process. Lane is such a good dog.
I like this little weird face he's making. I think he was intrigued by his new food. Peanut butter and jelly is delicious. He also enjoyed some tuna casserole later.
Abbey took this picture - it's very silly. He was partaking in some of Aunt Terri's chocolate birthday cake.
Another loving his puppy picture. Carter says puppy so clearly now. It's cute that their buddies.
Mashed potatoes are probably Carter's favorite food right now - next to the baby Cheetos. He's got some of that Irish Connors' blood in him!
Carter got another birthday present in the mail from Kelsie the other day (thanks Kels!). It's a "Baby Jamz" microphone and it plays awesome hip-hop versions of "Old McDonald" "Bingo" and many other classics. He dances with it all the time!
Here's a nice game of tug of war. Laney always brings her toys to Carter because he never says No!

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