Monday, April 14, 2008

Party Time

These party pictures are really out of order. Oh well, there are too many here for me to worry about it. Anyway, this is Carter's last bite of cake. He did quite a good job on it as you can see!
Here's the after photo! He got out of the high chair and ran around doing his fake laugh. He was loving all the attention. He did not enjoy being cleaned off by me, Kyle, and Terri.
Isn't Ritter's little girl, Madisyn, so cute? I never would have thought Ritter would have a blond haired, blue eyed little girl running around with a purse!
This is Carter with his buddy Callie right before he dug into his cake. We thought it was probably a good idea to just get down to the diaper. It was so nice of Callie, Nate, and Paul to come over from Missoula.
This is Carter's second little bit of cake. He was very cautious at first. He wasn't sure if he should just squash his fingers in there.
Then Grandpa Dale got him a plastic spoon. That's when he really started to get into it. He's pretty handy with utensils.
As you can see, with the help of the spoon Carter was able to get some large chunks out of that little cake. He really enjoyed it. I'm glad he didn't get a bellyache later. He was actually hungry for dinner at 5.
Abbey let Carter "shoot" the last couple basketballs from her game. He thought he was pretty cool in there. Aren't his little green football shoes cool?
Here's some party guests: Stephanie, Aunt Terri and Carter, and Ritter and Madisyn. Further back was Mom, Aunt Helen, Aunt Nancy, and Aunt Margaret. We had an excellent showing for the party. I really appreciate everyone coming.
Madisyn looked just gorgeous for the party. She was all decked out in her M & M shirt and skirt. She also had some lovely sandals on (and a bit of pizza sauce on her face)!
We have a ton of pictures from opening presents. Everyone was very generous. Carter was good for about the first five. Then he wanted to get down and play - I decided not to put up the many of me opening his presents.
This is when we first got there. Carter had just woken up from a nice two-hour nap (thankfully), so the blue guy is in his mouth. He liked riding the carousel with Jordan and Chelbie though.
Abbey took Cimarron for a ride on the carousel also. Sorry your face got obstructed, Abb. The moving pictures are tough! Cimarron looks so cute though, and she's so nice too.
Carter got to meet his Great Grandparents from Wyoming! It's always so nice to see them. Carter fed Great Grandma Clarabelle a bite of his chocolate cake later.
Here's some more party guests. From left to right, we have Paul, Callie, Nate, Great Grandma Bonnie, and Aunt Mary Jo. Carter is so lucky to have such fantastic relatives!

Here's Colty and Carter playing with his shark bath toys before the party. Grandma Diana, Grandpa Dick, Colten, and Breanne stayed with us over the weekend. We had a really good time, and Carter loved hanging out with them. He showed them how he plays with all his toys and runs around the house in a big circle.
Here's the Barsness cousins: Colten, Breanne, and Carter. Carter looks like he was trying to escape, but he was actually just kind of laying there. He took a nap shortly after.
Carter opened up some gifts from Grandpa and Grandma Barsness before we went to Silver Bow. He liked the farm wrapping paper a lot. He got so much cute stuff - I just want to thank everyone one more time!

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