Monday, April 21, 2008

Random stuff

I had to show that Carter absolutely loves this hammer/gavel that Erica, Terri, and Landon got him for his birthday. He uses it with his "pound and play" toy, but he also just carries it around and hits stuff. Luckily not people or dogs but cheerios and puffs are fun to pulverize! You'll notice he has his tongue out in lots of these pictures - he's goofy.
Carter gets the cutest little curls when his hair is wet. Since Kyle and I both have curly hair, I suppose we should have expected it. I love it though - so cute.
It was so nice on Wednesday - 61 degrees (the news said our high would be 31)! Carter, Laney, and I took a long walk, then we swung by C Street Park. We had lots of fun. Laney knows I'll take off her leash and she can run and run. Carter and I chased her and just played. Here he is trying to climb up the slide.
Laney is trying to entice him to chase her some more. They are so cute together. We are so lucky that our dog loves our baby.
This was in Mom and Dad's yard before our walk. He loves to push his dump truck. I like the concentration (tongue out) and one hand. He thinks he's pretty big.

He likes to carry around his hair brush. He eventually forgot about it when he found out how fun dirt is. He just sat and threw it around for a long time. Then he decided to eat it. That was fun to get off his tongue!
He tried every toy there. We went on the swings too. He's a little explorer.
I think this picture is so cute. He just looks so small surrounded by all the grass and dirt. He was on a mission to go eat some more dirt. The grass just wasn't as fun.

Here's Laney and Carter playing tug of war with Grandpa's whipped cream leftovers. This happens a lot. It's pretty funny to watch because they're both pretty nice about it.
If we ever leave Laney's bowl of water out, Carter makes a huge mess. He splashes in it and knocks it over if we don't catch him in time. On this day, he was stirring it with his spoon. He looks awfully pleased with himself!
He really likes to chew on toothbrushes. They must feel good on his poor swollen gums. He's getting two or more new teeth. I gave him my toothbrush one day, just to be nice. I love his new monkey pajamas too.
Carter loves watching Jordan and Abbey play on the Nintendo DS. It enthalls him for a couple minutes. Then he just tries to close it on their fingers. He thinks this is just hilarious.

Carter got to wear shorts on Sunday after his party. It was so beautiful. I didn't get a good picture of them, but he looked fantastic. We got a foot of snow this weekend (it was a balmy 6 degrees this morning), so I hope he enjoyed it! I really wasn't intending to make this post a weather report!
I have such a happy little man. He kept running to me the other day and hugging my legs. He says "Ma Ma" and I say "Baby", and he runs over. It's so sweet.
He fell asleep on my legs the other night while we watched Top Chef. You can tell he was a bit exhausted. I love when he doesn't fight me about going to bed! It's so rare.
Open gym started last week. Carter had the best time running around the gym and flirting with all the girls. He really likes to watch them serve. He fell asleep on the way home - must have been all that exercise.

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