Sunday, July 15, 2007

Big Week!

We went to Missoula this weekend for Kyle's friend Loren's wedding. Carter was very good. Here he is at the reception talking and laughing with Grandpa Dick.
Carter crashed at the very end of the reception, about 10:30. He shut down the place with us - that's my boy!

Yeah - Aunt Kelsie is in town! This is another happy reception picture. Carter just loves his aunts.

Here's Carter and his wonderful "Aunt" Callie. We stayed with Callie this weekend and had a delightful time. She's the best!
Here is the groom/"bad Uncle" Loren. He's already trying to corrupt our son! We're very happy for he and Sara!
This is a lovely picture of the Sunburst pals and the new addition. They are a great bunch of people and so much fun! (L-R) Loren, Kyle & Carter, Dustin, Treavor, and Callie.
Very rare family photo! Our little man is just so good and calm - we are too lucky.

This was right outside the church after the wedding. I held Landon up so Erica could make him smile for the camera. This is just the cutest little shirt/tie combo!
Grandma and Grandpa Barsness were so happy to see their newest grandson. They babysat for us that night, and we really appreciated it! Check out Carter's shorts - looks just like his Dad.
We went to Fuddrucker's, and Carter passed out on Kelsie. She was kind enough to feed him while I ate. It's so nice to have her home for a while! Kelsie, Erica, Lando, Carter, and I had a great time together.
Here's our Burgman family picture for the year. My Aunt Jenny and Uncle Carl were in last week, and we had a blast! I love how Carter is holding Grandma Vivian's finger while he sleeps, and Landon has a huge grin. Back (L-R) Jenny, Carl, Dad, Mom, Little Kyle, Big Kyle, Laney. Front (L-R) Landon, Erica, Me, Carter, Grandma, Kelsie.

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