Monday, July 9, 2007

Huge Post

We were up at the KC a couple weekends ago for my friend Burnsie's retirement party, so we tried to get a picture of Carter next to Great Grampa Winks!

Here is a picture of one of his fourth of July outfits. This one was from Kyle's co-worker Aretta. He wore it to the parade.
This is from the 3rd of July. Carter didn't mind the big fireworks at all. He just likes to cuddle!
I like how blue his eyes are when he wears something blue. I'm not sure if they will stay that color though - they seem to be getting kind of gray.

Another "football induced" daze picture. Sort of random, but I love his striped puppy onesie too.
Here's Grampa's new favorite thing: the double stroller. Landon thinks he's pretty cool out in front, and Laney likes having me to herself so she can smell everything. Carter just hangs out as usual.
This is how we've had dinner lately. The adults eat at the picnic table in the nice evening weather, while the boys amuse themselves. They are very good little guys!
This hot weather is onesie weather. Erica and I decided plain white onesies are too boring, so we created some "classic rock" ones for the boys. Here Carter is getting the "LED" out! Anyone who knows me knows the Beatles are my favorite. I'm sure he will eventually enjoy them as well.
This picture kills me. I like how he is pointing at "The Who" logo like he is the coolest baby around.
Here's a little David Bowie. Not the Ziggy years, they were a little weird for me.
These last two he was bouncing on the exercise ball with his Dad. He was having a very good time as you can see!

These next two are laughing pictures with Grandma Patsy. She was talking to him and he was giggling like crazy.
He is a funny little man!
Last random one. We tried out his carrier last weekend for a morning walk. He seemed to not mind it at all - he never seems to mind anything. We lucked out in the calm baby department!

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