Sunday, July 22, 2007

Summer Fun

Abb, Jord, and I took the boys and Laney to C Street Park on Friday. They had a pretty good time there. They seemed to like the swings.
Here's Carter and his buddy Jordan in the pool on Saturday. He usually likes water, but this was a little chilly for him. He still liked being outside.
He did enjoy laying on the towel afterwards and spreading out to max capacity. He's a little goof.
Landon had a great time in the pool with his mom. He hung out with Jordan and some toys afterwards. His hair is really growing!

It's nice to hang out outside on those nice summer evenings. Even the mosquitos haven't been too bad lately.
Carter went to his first movie last weekend. We went to the Drive-In and watched the new "Harry Potter". He's such a good boy - had a bottle and went right to bed.
Wheee - some slide pictures! Landon was not so sure at first, but he did it. He'd much rather be walking in the grass.
Carter was a little surprised, but he seemed to enjoy it. Abb and Jord are great to have around!

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